How to Order


First, you order the product that you want on our website. Then, we will send you then one or two impression boxes, depending on what you have ordered. Once you have taken your child’s hand or footprint, you will send the boxes back to us. Shipping is allready paid. We will then manufactures the product that you have ordered.

The impression box contains a soft impression mass that you press your child’s hand or foot in.

The box is wrapped in plastic to pack help the mass to retain its moisture.

Apply a very thin layer of baby oil or any skin lotion on the hands or feet that you want to cast off. The oil makes the hand or foot releases easier from the mass. You can press your child’s hand or footprint in the mass when they are sleeping or after they have eaten so that they are in a good mood.

Try to press the complete hand or foot in the mass, so that there is a deep and clear impression.

Should you not be satisfied with the first impression take up the mass mass and knead it a bit and then knead it back in the contailner. You can also turn the dough upside-down after you have kneaded it back in the box, in order to get a flat surface for the print.

If the impression looks good wrap the plastic around it and again, then put the container in the paperbox and then in the plastic bag that came with the impression kit.

The plastic bag is prepaid, so you just need to put it in a mailbox. We will send you a confirmation via email that we have received your child’s hand or footprint and that the print looks good.

If we see that the impression is not clear enough to make a good piece of jewelry or glass casting, we will send a new impression kit to you free of charge.

Once we have sent you our confirmation email, it takes about 10-15 weeks if you have ordered a glass cast before the glas casting is sent to you. If you have ordered jewelry our delivery will be a little faster. It will take about 10-12 weeks for you to receive your jewelry.

Should you not receive a confirmation email within a few days after you’ve sent the box, please send us an email!