About Us


We are the only company in Scandinavia and one of few in the world that creates jewelry with children’s reduced hand and footprints. The entire process of creating jewelery is done with hands. The necklaces have nice little details that hang like a “piece of art” around the neck. Depending on what you order, we can manufacture the jewelry in gold or silver. We manufacture all our jewelry in our studio in Stockholm. The mothers who have ordered the necklace think it’s incredibly nice to have the child’s hand or footprint so close to the heart.

We produce jewelry with children’s hand and footprints regardless of the child’s age. It is a perfect gift for all mothers, grandmothers and grandfathers. It is also a very nice momento to have from the child’s early life.

We also produce glass castings of children’s hand and footprints. The whole process is done with hands. If you want to look at your child’s footprint every day and think, “How small was my daughter/ boy was when she/ he was born,” then this is the product for you. It is so nice wherever you place it and it’s a very nice momento from your little baby. We recommend our cystal castings for children less than 3 years old.

Our products are great mother’s day gifts and dads and grandparents love them.

We manufacture all our glass castings in our glass studio in Stockholm.

To find out more about us read ‘Our History’ on our website and follow us on @memorini_official on instagram.